Earth 2 #1 Review. Earth 2 and the Apokolips

Earth 2 #1 ReviewEarth 2 #1 Review

“The Price of Victory”

As part of the ongoing “The New 52!” from DC, sporting the “A Different World! A Different Destiny!” slogan, Earth 2 #1 hit store shelves today. If the epic nature of the cover wasn’t enough for you,  then let it be told to you now, it looks like DC has huge plans for this book.

Superman, Wonder Woman and of course Batman have reached the end of a bloody conflict known as the “Apokolips War” with an alien race called Parademons. The battle between this race and Earth is so huge in fact that even Mercury himself makes an appearance and warns that Gods are also dying. Batman has created a device and implemented a plan that will ultimately lead to the demise of this alien race. Of course there’s always a catch and you’ll read this issue to find out what exactly that catch is.

The book is very exciting. I mean it has to be if it’s going to compete with the completely amazing Avengers vs X-Men #3 that also came out this week. But worry not DC fans, Earth 2 #1 can hold it’s own in this battle of comic book supremacy. With great writing from James Robinson, a recognizably strong cast of characters, and a cliffhanger that’s simply “to die for”, Earth 2 #1 is looking sharp. I mean, if Batman has to use a gun to blow a whole through an aliens head, you know the books good.

The book continues with The Flash in the next few weeks, but be sure to look out for Wonder Woman #10 also since the cover looks cryptic and intriguing. Pick up Earth 2 #1 and #getyourfix at Cosmic Comics! today!

Earth 2 #1 was read, enjoyed, and reviewed by Burke from


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