Fury #1 Review. Nick Fury, A Memoir.

Fury #1 Review

Fury #1 Review

“My War Gone By”

If you can’t tell from the “My War Gone By” title from the Fury #1 cover, this mini series written by the man, Garth Ennis himself, is a memoir for Colonel Nick  Fury, dating his service in Indo-China back in 1954. This book is very dialogue heavy and introduces a majority of the cast of characters you’ll soon either love or hate I’m sure. The range is vast in that regard; you have the outspoken and energetic Congressman McCuskey, the genuine Frenchman Major Lasllement, the straight shooter George Hatherly, the ex-SS Jew killer Chef Steinhoff, the smoking hot Shirley Defabio, and of course, the man that needs no introduction, Nick Fury. Besides that, there isn’t much action, but you have to start somewhere and if I know anything about Ennis, it’s that he’s not afraid to make this book dark.

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