AvX Round 10, No One Is Safe.

AvX Round 10

AvX Round 10

Avengers vs X-Men #10 Review

AvX Round 10! The Avengers vs X-Men series is soon sadly coming to end, it won’t happen in round 10, but every move from each faction, like the game of chess, feels more methodical than ever, with life or death consequences. The Phoenix force has left 3 of deceased Phoenix Five making the last two hosts of the Phoenix almost godlike, but with this increase of powers, one host is on the edge of madness, while the other is becoming blinded by arrogance.

Round 10 brings some of the power back to the Avengers. Their refuge in the mystical city of K’Un Lun has been invaded by Scott Summers who’s hellbent on returning Hope to Earth. The Scarlet Witch, Iron Fist, and Iron Man all try their hand at slowing the infuriated Cyclops, but are not successful. It’s Hope on the back of a dragon that exiles Scott from K’un Lun, no really, a dragon.

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