Takio #1 Review. 1st Issue Collector’s Item!! BOOM!

Takio #1 ReviewTakio #1 Review

Brian Michael Bendis seems to have his hands in everything these days, even out of left field gems like Takio. Bendis has teamed up with Michael Deming to create an adorable sister superhero duo for the whole family.

Taki and her kid sister Olivia with their friend Kelly fall prey to a science experiment gone wrong. After the dust clears the three of them discover that they now have access to powers no normal human being should have. Taki and Olivia go the Spider-Man route of attempting to live a normal life without others finding out about their “special abilities”. Kelly on the other hand feels disdain for the sisters and is allowing her scientist father to conduct tests on her while trying to possibly create the “perfect” human being. You know, normal school drama.

Takio #1 is a genuine comic book, it’s a fun book that I ended up really enjoying. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and the two sisters are over-all likable characters. They’re quick on their feet, fast thinkers, and still have the emotions you would expect girls in middle school and high school to have. The sisters miss thugs with their un-perfected telekinetic blasts, donuts fly out of thieves arms, vans get demolished, and imaginary talk shows even take place. What more could you really ask for? The book does take large ques from Spider-Man, the kids still go to school and attempt to hide their powers even when opportune moments present themselves.

Takio prides itself as an all ages book. I would discuss “all ages” in greater detail, but Bendis has Taki explain “all ages” better than I ever could.

“…would it kill you to have something laying around the house that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to show other human beings?” – Taki

“Powers? Is that all-ages?” – Olivia

“No, it’s disgusting” – Taki

“Can I see it?” – Olivia

“Not until you’re 40.” – Taki

More reviews from our friend Burke can be found at nerdfarmblog.com and we encourage you to pick up Takio #1 and #getyourfix from Cosmic Comics! today.

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